Preventative Care

Establishing a routine oral healthcare plan is the best way to avoid any dental issues. For most people, this includes bi-annual visits to the dentist for professional cleanings, x-rays, and other preventative maintenance procedures. At Nyack Smiles, we offer high-quality preventative care, as well as a wide range of general dentistry services to restore and maintain optimal oral health for our patients.

Dental Cleanings & Routine Checkups

Our dental cleanings are performed by trained dental hygienists. We provide gentle, yet thorough treatment. Your routine dental visit may include dental x-rays. We use digital x-ray technology for safe, fast treatment. Examinations with Dr. Wallach are complete and comprehensive. Dr. Wallach goes beyond a simple visual inspection of the teeth, to include a physical examination of the mouth, teeth, gums, jaw joints, and other support structures. You will spend one-on-one time with the dentist to discuss your concerns and goals. Together, you will decide on a treatment plan that will help you achieve the best possible results.

Brother ans sister wahing their teeth
Laughing boy enjoying removal of plaque from his teeth

Tooth Decay

Cavities affect adults as well as children. We carefully screen for signs of tooth decay on every dental visit. For adults, tooth cavities often form around the margins of restorations and beneath the gum line. By catching tooth decay early, we are able to offer more conservative and comfortable treatment options. For more advanced problems, Dr. Wallach may use dental fillings, dental crowns or root canal therapy when needed.

Gum Disease

Chances are at some point in your life, you will have to deal with gum disease. More than three-quarters of American adults battle gum disease and gingivitis. With proper care and maintenance, gum disease is easily prevented and treatable. If you are showing signs or symptoms of gum disease, Dr. Wallach may perform intensive cleaning procedures to remove plaque and tartar from deep pockets in the gum.

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