Tooth Extractions

Dr. Wallach performs tooth extractions in the comfort and convenience of his Nyack dental office. Reasons for tooth extraction might include teeth that are broken, severely damaged, or affected by decay or disease. As a general dentist with extensive training in cosmetic dentistry, Dr. Wallach also offers a range of natural-looking replacement options for extracted teeth to stabilize your remaining teeth.

Tooth Pain and Tooth Extractions

If you have severe tooth pain, you may think that a tooth extraction is the best solution. Frequently, however, Dr. Wallach will recommend that you preserve the natural tooth either through a root canal procedure or other treatment methods.

If you are considering a tooth extraction, it is very important that you also consider replacement options for the missing tooth. Once a tooth is lost, the bone begins to deteriorate and the gum is exposed to more bacteria, increasing the risk for gum disease. The remaining teeth will also begin to shift and move once a tooth is extracted, causing potential problems with the fit of the bite and TMJ function.

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